Ideas for Planner Gifts from Etsy. Check out this gift guide to find amazing products to for any planner addict. #planners #giftguide #products

Planner Gift Ideas

Ideas for Planner Gifts from Etsy. Check out this gift guide to find amazing products to for any planner addict. 
#planners #giftguide #products

I’m always looking to organise my life. I’ve tried digital and physical planners. I know so many of you have friends or even yourselves are trying to hard to do the same, why not reward them or yourselves with a little gift.

Below I’ve rounded up a hand full or planner themed gift ideas from handmade artists from all over the world, check out what I discovered below.

Planner Gift Ideas - Enjoying planner peace mug

Those who love to plan have a goal of achieving planner peace. It’s a point in time when they’ll reach their ultimate planning set up that works perfectly for them. For many, it can take a long time to get there, but when they do, they deserve this mug! Check out the mug here

Black and White fabric bins for a pretty desk

Planner addicts have a lot of stationary, many pens in different widths and colour and even brands. They like cohesive organisation so they will love these fabric bins to store their stuff, check out the details here: Black and white fabric bins

Planner Gifts Pocket pouch to carry all your planner accessories together

I love these planner pouches, perfect for taking everything with you and still keeping it organised. Lots of different sizes available, check out the details here

Gorgeous travellers notebook cover makes an perfect gift for a friend who's planner obsessed

A travellers notebook style planner like the pink and gold one above is my favourite style of notebook, there are no coils and rings to get in the way and I can still arrange the sections inside. For more details click here

planner dashboards with a touch of gold luxury

Got a ring bound planner? then these dashboards would make an excellent addition. Classy in gold and black foil these with help remind you to follow your passion. See the options here

Day header washi tape, small gift for planner addicts

Washi tape, but this one’s functional! Make life easy by not having to write the day names in your planner and add a little art to brighten up your page. All the details are here

monogram pencil pot holder - Planner gift ideas

Somewhere gorgeous to stash their pens and pencils and monogrammed gift to boot, what more could you ask for. All the details are here

Cute planner charm

How cute is this little planner charm? This artist has lots of different ones available so if reading is your thing, then how about pizza? See what I’m talking about here

Tote bag to carry your books and planner #gifts #plannergirl. Planner Gift Ideas

Last but not least how about this super functional tote bag, your planner obsessed friend could use it for her planner supplies or an everyday grocery shop. Grab the tote bag here

Collect our gifts perfect for your planner obsessed friend, check out the entire list here.

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