How to use affirmations in your home Decor

How to use affirmation and quotes in the home, the easy way to rewire your brain,

Affirmations work, they do unless you forget to focus on them, without repetition your brain isn’t going to make the new neural pathways it needs to make that affirmation do it’s job. But finding a routine to read, write and evaluate them is hard, not everyday is the same.

What if you could keep your most important affirmations at the forefront of your mind without much effort? This is where using affirmations in home decor come into the spotlight.

By the end of this blog post you’re going to have a few great ideas of how to use affirmations and quotes in your home decor. So not only will you be able to change your beliefs faster using affirmations and reminders but it’ll have a positive impact on the rest of your home.

How to use Affirmations in your home – The Basis Steps

  • Choose affirmation or quote that you most want to work with
  • Choose a place in your home that you see regularly
  • Decide what item would work well in that space
  • Buy / make the item
  • Put it in it’s place
  • Walk past and read multiple times a day.

Ok lets get into some details

Choose the affirmation you most want to work with

If you’re like me you could probably list a 100 affirmations and quotes that would benefit you. But that’s way too many to incorporate into your home decor so how do you choose a 2 or 3 to start off with?

It all depends on what’s most important to you at this moment in time. Personally I’m working on these 3 things

  • Being a recovering internal perfectionist – Check out the progress not perfection sign later in the post
  • Strengthening my belief if things work out for others then they’re work out for me
  • The belief that I am valuable for just being me.

So what is it that you’re struggling to believe about yourself?

What is the thing you want to change about how your brain works?

Answer to these questions should give you an inkling what would most benefit you.

Choose the place in your home for your affirmation to live

Obviously deciding where your affirmation object is going to live means you need to decide whether you want something functional like a mug or something thats more decorative like framed print.

Home decor with quotes to remind you to be you no matter what others think

If you’re shy and don’t want the rest of the family to know about your affirmations just yet. Then choose a place only you tend to see, such as the inside of a kitchen cupboard or your underwear drawer.

I used to be really weird about putting up personal quotes and affirmations around my home, since they were private and meaningful to me. I felt icky at the idea of having to explain them to visitors.

So originally I would put them inside the cupboards that I naturally open every day. At some point, I realised that I was caring more about what people thought of me than my own personal growth. So I pushed myself out of my very comfy, well lived in, comfort zone and put them all on show.

Will you make or buy your affirmation home decor?

There is absolutely no shortage of home decor with positive saying that will resonate with you. just check out etsy* for you don’t know what I’m talking about. Black typographic even has an affirmations mug you can personalise with your own saying.

Affirmations mug - home decor

But if you want something completely unique to you, and you’re a crafty chick, then head over to my Pinterest quote board for some affirmation and quotes inspiration.

If you’re wanting something to go on your wall then you can design something yourself and print, you don’t even need an expensive fancy program, something that lets you format text is good enough.

If you want something of more substance like my Progress not perfection sign, that hangs in my kitchen, then grab a short length of wood, grunge it up with acrylic paint and cut out vinyl to stick on or carefully hand paint the letters

(Ignore the door, my entire house is a work in progress)

Progress not perfection DIY wooden sign - How to use affirmations and quotes

The last 2 steps of how to use your affirmations

These last 2 steps are so simple but without them all your previous effort has gone to waste. So If it’s a decorative item, put it in its new home and remember to look at it as you pass through the room. If it’s something functional like a mug, then make sure you use it at least once a day.

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How to use affirmation in your home decor
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