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What’s so special about cats

I am a cat person, I own 3 and my eldest Willow is 14, she’s black and the most amazing cat you’ll ever meet, she has the role of mother to the others.  And she plays that role with an amazing amount of grace.  Put down treats and she’ll not take her share until the other 2 have had there’s.  She’s never given birth to her own kittens yet innately she knows she is to teach and protect the other two.

I’ve always been drawn to cats, there is something about their movement and how they behave that I seriously admire.  Plus they have this ability to walk away from drama and return to their own space to curl up and dream the day away. 

There’s a good chance i was a cat in a past life.

8 reasons why I adore cats

  1. They’re independent and don’t need me to be around all the time.
  2. Their fur always smells clean, always.  I have a dog too and unless she’s had a bath an hour ago I’d much rather rest my head on a cat and be greeted with a pleasant smell.
  3. They are little hot water bottles.  Mine like to climb under the duvet and share their body heat with me.
  4. They know how to enjoy the simple things, they’re not demanding creatures, they don’t need a lot to be happy, some food, somewhere warm, something to maintain their claws with and a few toys.
  5. They won’t push you out of bed like a husband or big dogs
  6. They only require simple things so it’s really easy to meet basic needs. 
  7. I think people often think that cats are unaffectionate, but that’s not the case, even the meanest grumpiest cat can be affectionate, it just needs to be on their terms.  I can understand that.
  8. They don’t try to please others, they have their own mind and they really will do what they want.

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free cat quotes printables

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