Crafty mum gift ideas

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My mum is crafty, there’s nothing she wont have a try at and she’s the inspiration behind this crafty mum gift ideas product round up. I’d much rather give a gift that is useful or speaks to her personally than, the new pair of slippers she asks for every year – yes she gets them too.

If your mums like mine, then these gifts ideas might help you find something that your mum really enjoys and not something that she “needs”.

Is your mum a fabric hoarder? Does she stash worn out jeans and old shirts incase she can make something out of them? Yeah I know the type. This bag was designed specifically for her

This gorgeous crochet subscription box will be a gift that keeps on giving month and after month. Meaning your mum will always have a new craft project to look forward too. Grab the details here

I’ve got gifts for the sewing mums covered too. These handmade pouches are just what she needs to keep her sewing nicknacks together. Find the price and the details here

If you’re looking for a gift that lets you mum try and new craft and give her some essential crafting tools, then this paper cutting kit is for you. Cutting mat and cutting blades are included. Check out what’s else in inside the box here

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If you need a gift for your crafty mom then this blog post from Black Typographic might be the answer that you're looking for. #gifts #giftideas #giftsformom

Back to crafty mum gifts ideas …

You mum prefer to knit than do the house work? I can think of plenty of things I could be doing instead too. Grab this mug and send it as a gift so she’ll think of you when she gets chance to put her feet up and have a cuppa.

How about mixing your mums craft addiction with a little mindfulness and meditation? This kit will help keep her mind from racing, helping her feel better about the day ahead

Maybe your mum fancies something a little more messy and creative? She could make her own stamped prints with this gift set

This is a super cute cat that’s created from our crafty kit. If she wants to practise her sewing skills but doesn’t know what to make, this is a perfect idea, especially cos we love cats too. Check out the details

Embroidery, yet another crafty skill that we love, especially when it’s used to make modern designs like this one. This gift comes with everything she needs to complete the project whether she’s a beginner or a seasoned pro. Check out this cute bee here

Another mug for a the yarn obsessed. This mug is sure you make your mum smile if she’s a knitter.

I love these project kits – can’t you tell? If knitting and crocheting are on the list of the crafty things your mum likes to do, then she’ll probably enjoy yarn weaving too. Plus she can incorporate all her tiny balls of yarn she’s been collecting.

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Have you got a crafty mom? These gifts will help ease their craft addition and give them something new to play with. #gifts #momgiftideas #momgifts christmas gifts for mom.

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