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How to use affirmations in your home Decor

Affirmations work, they do unless you forget to focus on them, without repetition your brain isn’t going to make the new neural pathways it needs to make that affirmation do it’s job. But finding a routine to read, write and evaluate them is hard, not everyday is the same. What if you could keep your […]


The positive Page – Mental Health Support

Today on the Black Typographic Blog we’re interviewing Lauren from the Positive Page. If you suffer with any type of mental illness, this post is going to be of interest to you. Lauren has created a community to support those with their mental health and point them in the right way to get the help […]

How to create a custom mug to help reinforce affirmation or advice to help with your personal development. This black and white mug will fit effortlessly into your home decor. Whether you’re looking for motivational or inspirational home decor, you can customise this one to suit your personal growth goals. #motivational #inspirational #quotes #homedecor

How a coffee mug can help change your negatives beliefs

You’ve heard of the word affirmation, right? They’re POSITIVE things that you say to yourself in an attempt to change your negative beliefs. Affirmations are great, and they really help train your brain into thinking differently, but they need repetition. I’m going to show you how a simple everyday mug can help reinforce your affirmation […]


Mental Health Awareness with Zulaikha

Remember being in your late teens early 20’s, studying for your exams, and stressed? Did you take that stress and turn it into something positive? Chances are you didn’t. You’re not alone, neither did I! But our latest guest, used that stress to help herself, not only that, she now uses her own talents to […]


Learn how to create your ideal world with words

There is an abundance of ways you create your world with the words you use.  Most of the time, you have no idea that it’s even happening.  But believe me, it happens and it has an enormous impact. I wanted to feature ways you can consciously and deliberately create your world and change your perception of it […]

Improve your mental health - 4 ways for you to deal with emotions (the last one scares me). Read the tips for processing feelings. Understand how your emotions are impacted by your thoughts. Click and read, your mental health will thank you for it. Processing emotions tips, dealing with emotions adults, handling emotions tips #emotions #feelings #feelingbad

Dealing with Emotions

We feel unpleasant emotions intensely, sometimes they feel uncontrollable and very uncomfortable.  They disorganise our thoughts and make it difficult to give the perception of being emotionally strong to others.   Believe it or not, there are at least 4 ways of dealing with emotions, especially the unpleasant ones.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Journalling Guided Visualisation […]