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Gamer gifts for your husband, wondering what you buy your husband this christmas? Here's a great round up of gifts perfect for your gamer husband. #gamer #husband #christmasgifts #husbandgifts #xbox #playstation

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The Gift Guide that makes shopping for your Gamer Husband Easy

I have a gamer husband and he got our kids into gaming at a very early age and I mean like 1 week old early.  His turn for night feeds involved feeding our daughter, then spending the next hour playing on his Xbox while she went back to sleep on his shoulder. 


The Xbox is his thing and there’s no way that I will understand the importance of the thing to him.  I’ve still not learned that pointing out “it’s just a game” when he’s playing shit, is not one of my better ideas. 

I  can only assume it’s similar to the outrage I felt when he asked which I would give up for life, Chocolate or Pizza?

So if you’re husbands like mine and gaming is his world, then these gifts are the perfect solution to show him that even though he’s a gamer, you still love him.

Lets get started, these are in no particular order. Also if something is available for the Xbox it’s likely that its available for the play station too.

Xbox Keyring Gift

xbox keyring - gamer gifts

I have been known to call my husband a wanker, usually, because he’s hidden chocolate.  So this keyring had to be included.  It’s hand stamped here in the UK, You can check all the details here – Hand stamped gamer keyring.

Video Game Logic

Video game mug - gamer gift 

All I hear about is LAG, I’m sure it’s as frustrating as waiting for a webpage to load when it’s taking its time.  But it does seem to be the scapegoat.  Whether your husband will admit it or not, I bet he secretly feels this way too.  You can get all the mug details here: Gamers Mug

Gaming Gloves

Gaming Gloves - Gamer Gifts 

I have to admit when I was making a list of gifts for gamers, I wasn’t sure that gaming gloves existed. So I was rather surprised to find a number of companies that made them.  After thinking about it, it does make sense, they’ve got a grip on the palm and the material wicks sweat away from the skin giving him complete security that sweaty palms aren’t going to get in the way his gameplay.  Plus all the professional gamers use them.  Show me a man who doesn’t think he’s a pro.  You can see all the details here: Gamer Gloves.

Gamer Home Decor

gamer wall decor

Hive him a personalised Xbox controller themed wall decor for his game room if he’s lucky enough to have one.  This one can be personalised with all the things that he loves about gaming.  Check out the details here: Personalised Gamer Decor


Money Clip

gamer gifts - money clip

Games are expensive and this money clip is an excellent reminder that his money could be well spent on games instead of being frittered away on something that isn’t going to give him the same amount of enjoyment or even last longer than a night in the pub.  These are hand stamped in the US so if you’re in the UK you need to get it now so it arrives in time for Christmas. Details are here: Gamer money clip

Funny Gamer Keyring

It’s true, I have no idea why a game can’t be paused. I suppose it’s because they’re in the flow and they can’t possibly let their team down because real life got in the way. As an Xbox widow, I’ve learned the best times to interrupt his gameplay and when not to. This is one of our own products using a range of gaming quotes sourced by my husband, after all, no one can appreciate gamer humour than a hardcore gamer themselves. Details are here: Gamer Keyring

 Gamer Socks

Gaming Sock Gifts

Does your husband complain about lag as much sometimes does? There has been plenty of screaming at the TV due to lag, I’m sure there’s such a thing as lag rage! Anyway there socks are available on Etsy here: Gamer Socks

Pint Glasses

game controller pint glasses

While it’s difficult to see in the photo, these aren’t little shot glasses (and I’m sure they’re available) but full-sized pint glasses.  Each one is hand etched with the controller of your choice.  Check out all the options here: Gaming Pint Glass.


This is just a tiny selection of gamer gifts available for your husband.  We’ve got a range of t shirts and other items with gamer quotes, you can check them out here: Gifts for Gamers.

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Gamer gifts for your husband, this gift guide gave me suggestions for things I've never thought of buying my husband for Christmas, I'm so glad I clicked through. Gaming gifts for your husband, #giftguides #giftsforhim #gamers #gaminggifts #husbandgifts #husband


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